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Rice Koji Amazake (Non-Alcohol Fermented Rice Drink), 8.81 oz

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Also known as sweet sake, and made from rice koji (dried malted rice), steamed rice, and water, rice koji amazake is one of the most beloved Japanese beverages in Japan. It is consumed often as a boost to health and beauty. This particular brand of amazake is an artisan blend by Marukura, made with highest quality rice koji type amazake. It is also called a "super drink," or "drinkable IV drip" because it is packed with vitamin B1, B2, B6, folic acid, dietary fiber, oligosaccharide, cysteine, arginine, glutamine, glucose, and many other vitamins and minerals. The drink is naturally sweet due to the enzyme in rice koji breaking down the rice starch during the fermentation process.

Rice koji amazake is a popular drink during New Year's in Japan, but you can drink it at any time of year to enjoy a healthy boost to your immune system. Dilute one bag of the amazake with 1.5 to 2 cups water or soy milk, and enjoy the subtle sweet flavor. It's very delicious when you drink it cold, but you can also warm it up just like sake. Warm rice koji amazake is quite comforting during the colder months. Simply microwave your desired amount in a microwave safe mug or cup with a lid. You can also add grated ginger, cinnamon, or other warming spices for extra flavor. And, when cooking, amazake can be used as a healthier alternative for sugar, mirin and soy sauce.

Rice, Malted Rice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A Very Happy Find

I wanted to find amazake that isn't pre-sweetened or in dried form. I was so happy to find this, it's easy to mix and dissolves quickly. Please restock soon!

Just like home

My wife is Japanese and we had drunk hot amazake at winter festivals several times while in Japan. This was the real thing and made my wife very happy!!!

Linda W.
A sweet treat!

Purchased out of curiosity and was delighted at how sweet and refreshing Rice Koji Amazake is! Definitely going to buy again.

Richard Townsend
Something that i was looking foward to getting

This was very good amazake that i had in very long time.


My Japanese language teacher recommended "amazake" since I am always looking for new foods good for health. I had never heard of amazake, so I googled and found this product. The taste was delicious, I expected sort of yogurt-like flavor, but it's more like a smooth version of congee exhibiting gentle sweetness. I will definitely buy this again.