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Yuzu Pepper Paste (Yuzu Kosho), 1.76 oz

by Kishida
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This amazing combination of yuzu, chili, and salt results in a powerful and distinctive flavor that enriches a dish. This paste is made from a combination of yuzu zest, which is the most flavorful part of yuzu fruit, and carefully selected mid-hot, juicy Japanese green chilis. The paste is packed with a powerful yet refined salty-spicy-citrusy punch which adds immense umami flavor to pretty much everything! This high-quality pepper paste is commonly used in Japan to add depths of flavor to nabe (hotpot) or tofu. It's also a secret tool of many 5-star chefs in Japan! It contains no additives or preservatives.

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This yuzu pepper paste is a versatile condiment that can be used to add levels of mouthwatering flavor to many different types of dishes. Add as little or as much as you like to dishes ranging from sashimi to barbecue ribs. Use it as a garnish for udon, miso soup, tonjiru (Japanese pork soup) or nabe (hotpot) dishes. Try using it to season steak, or for braised short ribs, grilled chicken and fish. Combine it with other ingredients to create remarkable new flavor sensations. Perfect for both Japanese and Western cuisine, it's sure to become a favorite staple in your pantry.

Citrus Yuzu Peel, Citrus Yuzu, Green Chili, Salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Excellent salty citrus condiment - if the chili kick had been a bit more pronounced, I’d have given it five stars!

phil devries
East meets West

When Cristobal Columbus' voyaged to the New World (Mexico, Central and South America) and brought chile peppers East to the Old World, cuisine started heating up on the Scoville scale. In a culinary explosion, many different chile peppers were rapidly incorporated into European, African, and especially Asian cuisines. Although their cuisine doesn't rely heavily on chiles, as many neighboring countries do, the Japanese have a genius for pairing seemingly odd flavors to great result. This Yuzu-chile paste can be transformative when added to grilled fish, ceviche, red meats, salad dressings, and seafood dishes. I really enjoy cooking and experimenting with this Yuzu Kosho; could be endless. As others have noted, expensive for a very small jar, but I highly recommended it.

teeny little bottle of deliciousness

This is so freaking delicious. Salty sour spicy with its own flavor, citrus but balanced and gentle, not like lime, lemon, or lemongrass. Only wish the jar was bigger.

Tiny jar huge flavor

Tongue tingling deliciousness! This stuff is amazing, a must try if you're a yuzu lover. Perfect balance of salty, spicy and umami, buckle up your tastebuds and prepare for blastoff! Just wish they made bigger jars.

Wendy V
Piquant pleasure booster!

This stuff is a revelation! Salty tangy zingy delight! I have been trying it on all sorts of foods - but especially love it with rich meats like ribeye steak and as a flavor booster for cooked veggies. It's also great with plain roasted potatoes (I bet it would be fantastic with fries - then again, I like spicy mustard on my fries rather than ketchup, so fair warning). A great finishing condiment that elevates the flavor of savory foods. (though typing this makes me wonder if there are sweet applications where it might work... maybe, maybe not - but so much fun to experiment!)