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Amanatsu & Iyokan Marmalade, 7.76 oz

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Made only with “amanatsu” (a grapefruit-like citrus developed in Japan), “iyokan” (a Mandarin orange-like citrus developed in Japan), and cane sugar, Muchacha-en’s Amanatsu & Iyokan Marmalade brings a wonderfully refreshing kick to your table. Both citrus varieties are grown in Ehime Prefecture, which is known for citrus production. Muchacha-en slowly simmers iyokan juice, which boasts an elegant aroma and well-balanced sweetness and sourness, together with the rind and pulp of amanatsu, which brings a refreshing sourness and a touch of bitterness, along with cane sugar. They use a reduced amount of sugar compared to regular marmalade. By simmering for an extended time the natural sweetness of the fruits can be enhanced. No additives are used to boost the setting, so the thickness of the marmalade naturally comes from pectin contained in the amanatsu and iyokan. The light taste of this marmalade effectively highlights the beautiful flavor of amanatsu and iyokan. You can enjoy it just like any other marmalade or fruit jam, served with bread, yogurt, or ice cream. Also, it can be incorporated into cooking, such as simmering meats or baking cakes.

Amanatsu & Iyokan Marmalade’s light, refreshing taste goes beautifully with bread, scones, and any other baked dishes. It can accompany cold desserts like yogurt, ice cream, panna cotta, and jelly. You can also use it for cooking, for example, adding the marmalade into a marinade for spareribs or chicken wings or adding it to simmering meats. You can mix it into batter for cakes or cookies as well. Dropping a spoonful of the marmalade into hot black tea makes your teatime more flavorful. And of course, you are free to add it to your cocktails or mocktails to appreciate the unique citrus flavors of Ehime!

Amanatsu, Sugar, Iyokan Juice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wendy V
Sweet Bitter Delight

Excellent marmalade - Its sweet intensity is elegantly balanced (and saved from being cloying) by the welcome bitter notes of the rind. Yum!

Karson Little
Tasty marmalade!

Very nice marmalade made from iyokan. Great addition to your breakfast or snack!

Hank Friedman
Amazingly high quality marmalade

I bought several of these already, and it has been a big hit with both me and those I gifted it to.

I found it delicious and a completely different taste from any other marmalades. And just a little sweet, which is very important to me.

I gave it to very fussy friends and they all remarked how wonderful it was, and one already bought another one!

They loved the flavor, low sugar, and the incredible uniqueness of the fruits used.


Randolph Marks
This is the best marmalade in the world. Hands down.

I first became familiar with Japanese citrus when I was gifted a jar of Amanatsu Marmalade from my Japanese in-laws on the occasion of their daughter marrying my son. I was astonished at the exquisite flavor profile. It is not overly sweet and it has a tanginess that is simply not comparable to any other citrus I have experienced. The candied rind is generously included giving the marmalade a marvelous texture that is without peer. This product is in a category by itself. Highly recommended.