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Hon Wasabi, 1.48 oz

by Kameya
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Many inexpensive wasabi pastes are actually made with horseradish. This Hon Wasabi (so-called "real wasabi") delivers the pure, fresh pungency without the need for horseradish. It is made from high-quality wasabi grown at the skirt of Mt. Amagi in Izu, Shizuoka. The production process includes the abundant rainwater from the Kakita River springs, which is rich in nutrients. The ingredients and the water definitely do make a difference, because this brand of Hon Wasabi is known by many the tastiest in Japan. Try a little and you'll instantly recognize a vibrant, authentic, pungent flavor and fragrance. It is the perfect condiment to accompany sashimi, sushi, meat dishes, and soba noodles.

There are many uses for hon wasabi with both Japanese and Western dishes.

- Mix a small amount with a mentsuyu dipping sauce for cold soba (buckwheat noodles).
- Add a small amount to soy sauce to use for dipping sashimi or sushi.
- Put a small amount in sushi rolls.
- Add a small amount to steak or roast beef instead of mustard or horseradish.
- Mix a small amount with mayo for a unique dressing that features a mild and pungent flavor.

Wasabi(Japanese Horseradish), Dietary Fiber, Starch, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Sorbitol, Cyclodextrin, Flavor, Acidulant(Citric Acid), Coloring(FD&C Yellow No.5, FD&C Blue No.1) Contain : Soybean.

Customer Reviews

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Kathrine R
Real wasabi

Great authentic flavor of real wasabi. Very fresh. Does not taste like a chemical stuff like many other wasabi brands.