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Premier Green Tea from the Heart of Tea Culture

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Located in the Izumo region in Shimane Prefecture, known for its refined green tea culture, Tousui-en has provided high quality green tea for over 110 years since its foundation in 1907. It is one of the rare companies in Japan that performs the entire process of tea making from farming to selling—they cultivate tea in their own 12 ha (approx. 30 acre) tea plantation, manufacture and pack tea products in their own factory, and sell them as well. When processing, their master tea blender/instructor supervises the process to bring the best tea to the market. They are proud to bring their "Izumo Green Tea" brand to the world.

Farm to Table—Unparalleled Effort for Safety

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Tousuien’s green tea is highly acclaimed and received the grand prize at the Shimane Green Tea Contest five consecutive times from 2010 to 2014. Also, the company is particularly serious about food safety and sustainability. They obtained Shimane’s Ecology Agricultural Food Producer Certificate in 2014, “Oishimane” Certificate (the certificate given by Governor of Shimane to producers that provide safe and superior products), and Organic JAS (Japan Agricultural Standards) certificate in 2017. Their tea processing factory has qualified for the stringent ASIAGAP (Good Agriculture Practices) accreditation. They spare no effort when it comes to providing fresh, sustainably-harvested, and safely-processed food to their customers’ tables.


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In addition to having an optimal climate for growing tea, Shimane Prefecture has developed its original green tea culture over many centuries. Particularly famous for perfecting his style of tea ceremony in the late 18th century, regional lord Harusato Matsudaira contributed greatly to Shimane’s tea culture. Tousui-en has been loved by even the most distinguished Shimane green tea drinkers.
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