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Takasago Soy Sauce

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Traditional Soy Sauce Making in the Natural Environment

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Takasago Soy Sauce is a family-owned soy sauce manufacturer founded in 1877. They have used a traditional brewing method passed down in the family to produce premium soy sauce, carefully brewed and aged in the natural environment of the Izumo region in Shimane Prefecture. Soy sauce is a staple seasoning for the Japanese diet and is used every day, so the company values the importance of using high quality products. Their premier soy sauce has a rich, full-bodied and well- balanced flavor, which comes from their longer maturation method, and the flavor is now indispensable in Izumo’s local cuisine. Today, Takasago’s soy sauce is not only loved by the locals but also by gourmands nationwide across Japan.

Their Signature Flavor Produced by "Saishikomi"

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In the early Showa Era, around 1920-30, the company mastered the style of soy sauce making method called “saishikomi”. Literally translated as double-brewing, it uses more ingredients and more time to brew and mature. It’s laborious to make and requires a longer period of time to age, but this results in beautifully-balanced aroma and flavor, thick texture, and deep umami. Their signature soy sauce, Kobai, is made using this traditional method. Today, saishikomi soy sauce is seeing the spotlight as the necessity for food education grows. The company contributes to activities to preserve Japanese traditional food for posterity, such as food education in primary schools and product development in collaboration with local educational organizations.


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Izumo City, where Takasago Soy Sauce is located, faces the Sea of Japan to the west and north and the Lake Shinji to the northeast, and its east and south sides are mountainous. Its rich nature greatly contributes to producing premier soy sauce that’s matured for a prolonged period of time.
historical house of takasago soy sauce