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Premier and Unique Tea Items that Satisfy Sophisticated Palates

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Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture is known to have a refined green tea culture due to the history attached to the place. Established in the heart of the city decades ago, Sanko-en specializes in producing and selling superior tea items, such as gyokuro (high-quality green tea grown in the shade), matcha, sencha, herb teas, and sweets made with green tea. Their master tea blender carefully chooses raw materials and supervises the processing steps to control the flavor and quality completely. Their premier green tea products are appreciated even by the locals who have sophisticated taste buds for green tea. Also, their original “Wa no Herb Tea” (Japanese herbal tea) series, which now has 10 varieties, is unique in the way in which it’s made mainly with local ingredients and how it maximizes the goodness of Japanese herbs.

Aiming to Enrich Life with Green Tea Culture

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With the company motto, “Putting our sincere hearts into each tea leaf”, Sanko-en has strived to produce tasty tea and spread a culture of tea appreciation. They carefully choose tea leaves, which are grown by tea farmers with care, process them, and craft them into quality products. They also aim to enrich people’s life with tea. To accomplish this mission, they not only produce tea but also promote Japanese tea culture that’s been handed down for centuries. Today, the company’s certified nihoncha (Japanese tea) instructor communicates with their customers often by answering customer questions and sharing stories about green tea.


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Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture has a well-established green tea culture, which is esteemed as highly as Kyoto’s. Naturally, people in Matsue are serious about green tea. Sanko-en is located in the heart of the city and provides tea products enjoyed by the locals and tea lovers nationwide.
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