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Capturing Fresh Ocean Flavors

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Oiso has engaged in seafood processing, manufacturing, and sales since its establishment in 1973. Their processing center is situated right on the port of Hamada in Shimane Prefecture, one of the top-rated fishery and distribution ports in Japan, so they can easily source fresh seafood for their products. Located next to the auction market of the port, every day, Oiso’s skilled craftspeople handle and process both the fresh fish harvested in the Sea of Japan and seafood brought to the port from other oceans. Amidst the lively voices of the auctions, they craft the ocean’s bounty into tasty seafood products.

Customer First, Consumers Focused

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One of the important philosophies of Oiso is “putting the customer first”. They listen to their consumers' voices, and what they develop reflects this. Consequently, they maintain a strong grasp of up-to-date consumer trends. Whether it’s ready-to-eat condiments, dried snacks, gift items featuring regional flavors, or pre-prepared, ready-to-cook fish, Oiso’s seafood products go well with people’s everyday life while contributing to dining culture as well. They also established a system over a decade ago to sell directly to consumers. This means they can avoid intermediaries and provide their quality seafood items to customers at reasonable prices.


map hamada city shimane japan

Facing the Sea of Japan, Hamada City in Shimane Prefecture is known to house an international port that has served as a hub for distribution and fishery for over a century. This is the home of Oiso and the place they started, though they now have branches in Fukuoka and Miyagi Prefectures. With an abundance of fresh fish, it’s an ideal environment for manufacturing seafood process.
hamada seaport image