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Free Shipping On Orders $75+ | $5 Flat Rate Shipping On Orders $50+


Authentic soy sauce that is naturally brewed and fermented in century-old wooden barrels made of Japanese cedar.

Marukin offers a range of high quality soy sauce and soy-related seasonings. Based on Shodo Island (literally "The Island of Small Beans"), Marukin has been producing premium Japanese soy sauce using traditional methods since the early 1900s. The soy sauce is brewed in approximately 300 wooden barrels made from Japanese cedar trees. These barrels, cultivated over a period of 100 years, serve to thoroughly preserve the optimum balance of resident bacteria and ambient yeasts, resulting in a very high quality soy sauce.

Inherited legacy makes an unbeatable quality of soy sauce.

Marukin’s facility is one of Japan's largest natural soy sauce breweries. The facility’s production capacity comprises approximately 30% of the naturally brewed soy sauce made in wooden barrels in Japan. As the soy sauce is brewed in century-old aged wooden barrels, it is fermented by the bacteria and yeasts that live naturally in the barrels and throughout the brewery. There, they are matured over a long span of time, resulting in the perfect soy sauce. In the 20th century, people have mostly abandoned such time-consuming techniques of production in favor of impersonal modernization and industrialization processes for mass productions. At present only 1% of the total amount of soy sauce distributed in Japan is manufactured in the traditional way that is most favorable for premium soy sauce brews.


Marukin's brewery is located in Shodoshima Island in the Seto Inland Sea. Blessed with its beautiful ocean environments and bright sunlight orientation, it has a gentle climate that resembles the Mediterranean region, further evidenced by a small, cottage olive industry taking root.