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Honda Shoten

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Producing Genuine Izumo Soba Noodles with the “Hikigurumi” Method

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For five generations, since its establishment in 1913, Honda Shoten has been devoted to making authentic Izumo soba, buckwheat noodles produced in the Izumo region in Shimane Prefecture. They employ a traditional method called “hikigurumi” that mills the whole buckwheat grain including the outer shell, unlike other types of soba that use only the inner part of the grain. This gives a unique, full-bodied, earthy aroma and flavor as well as a firm texture to their soba. Honda Shoten strives to express the ultimate taste of buckwheat, and in doing so, they use carefully selected ingredients and freshly house-milled soba without any food additives or preservatives.

Soba Experts True to the Tradition yet Passionate about Innovation

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Though specializing in Izumo soba, as noodle experts, Honda Shoten produces a wide variety of noodle items including udon, somen, and pasta. Also, in line with the Japanese tradition that cherishes seasons, they bring seasonal items to their customers, such as shin-soba (new crop soba), sakura-soba (soba with cherry leaves), and yuzu-soba (soba with yuzu citrus). Their “nama” (fresh) soba is quite innovative—they employ the steam sterilization technique they've perfected to make soba noodles that maintain their freshness yet can still be stored at room temperature for up to one year. Fresh soba without any preservatives yet having a long shelf-life is game-changing.


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Honda Shoten makes its home in Unnan City, in the inner, mountainous area of Shimane Prefecture. Rooted in this area for over 100 years, they are committed to producing genuine Izumo soba noodles and preserving the soba culture.
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