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Yuzusco (Japanese Yuzu Hot Sauce), 2.64 oz

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Made from aromatic yuzu citrus skin, tangy green peppers, and rice vinegar carefully selected from hundreds of candidates, Yuzusco (Yuzu Hot Sauce) boasts a refreshing aroma and vibrant flavor. Takahashi Shoten uses yuzu grown in the Higashimera region of Miyazaki Prefecture, which is known to exhibit a particularly strong aroma. They also hand-peel the yuzu skin to maximize its beautiful fragrance. This yuzu-based hot sauce is such a versatile condiment that it can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes from any cuisine. Whether you cook with meat, fish, or vegetables, just one drop of Yuzusco spices up your dish instantly. Yuzusco can also make wonderful cocktails like Bloody Marys or Spicy Margaritas. No preservatives or food coloring is used.

You can use the refreshing hot sauce in many cuisines including Japanese, Western, Asian, and Mexican. It can be enjoyed with a wide variety of dishes, including ramen, udon soup noodles, hot pot, yakitori skewers, grilled fish, steaks, roast beef, pasta, and salads. It is also great with raw fish dishes like sashimi, carpaccio, and ceviche. You can make your own original sauces by mixing Yuzusco into soy sauce or mayonnaise. It accompanies cheese very well, so you can serve it with cheese plates or pizza. It is also perfect for making spicy cocktails like Bloody Marys or Spicy Margaritas. Your cooking possibilities with Yuzusco are limitless. Since it has a strong aroma and adds heat, just one drop brings ample kick to your dish. Shake well before use, and refrigerate after opening.

Vinegar, Red Pepper, Yuzu Peel, Salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lindsay W.
A Favorite From Our Trip to Japan!

We found Umami Insider on our hunt for this hot sauce! We tried it earlier this year in our favorite Udon restaurant in Osaka and just love the flavor. The yuzu shines through and the heat is not too much but well balanced. We eat it on eggs, pizza, in soups, etc. Super unique and can’t recommend it enough for literally any dish!

phil devries
Power to Yuzusco!

Surprisingly versatile as a means of adding a little acidity, heat, and amplifying umami flavors. I prepared scrambled eggs with sauted diced Serrano ham, garlic, parsley and chopped Chanterelle mushrooms. The eggs were, as expected from the combined ingredients, very flavorful. As an experiment we added a few drops of Yuzusco. Those few drops elevated the dish and added additional levels of flavor. Excellent on fish and shell fish as well. True Yuzusco is expensive for a small bottle, but it's worth it. I bought more!

Elmar Garscha

The perfect marriage between yuzo and spice. I put it on nearly everything.

Linda W.
Spicy just right!

I love how the heat of spice is not overpowering but just right. Highly recommend for those who err on the side of mild heat in a hot sauce.

Cameron F.

Great product! Adds a nice refreshing flavor with a strong, spicy kick at the end!