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Organic Yuzu Spread, 9.17 oz

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Yuzu citrus, organically grown in Tokushima Prefecture, and organic grape juice are the only ingredients of this wonderful yuzu spread. It exhibits natural sweetness from the fruits, a refreshing yuzu aroma and a touch of bitterness from its rind. All of the flavor components from the premium ingredients create a complex blend of refreshing tastes in your mouth, making you feel as though you’ve bitten into an actual yuzu fruit. The jam-like spread is great with toast, scones, muffins, and any kinds of bread you have on the table, but it’s also delightful when drizzled over ice cream, added to black tea, mixed into cocktails, and can even be used for baking sweets. With a unique citrusy flavor and subtle sweetness, it’s versatile enough to be mixed into dressings and sauces as it delivers a surprising kick. Organic Yuzu Spread is a must-have item that will broaden your cooking repertoire. No additives, such as thickening agents, artificial flavors, preservatives, or artificial seasonings, are used. Non-GMO.

Enjoy it as a spread over bread, scones and muffins, as well as a topping over ice cream and yogurt. It also makes great drinks such as yuzu tea (made by dissolving it in hot water), black tea with a yuzu citrus twist, and various styles of yuzu cocktails. It can also be enjoyed when cooking desserts and sweets. Simply mix it into cake or cookie batter, or use it as a base for ice cream, jelly, and kanten (agar) for a refreshing yuzu-flavored dessert. You can use it as a base for a dessert sauce, too. Perhaps more intriguing is to use the spread with savory dishes. Add it to miso or soy sauce to make a unique Japanese relish. You can even create salad dressings with a refreshing yuzu flavor. Organic Yuzu Spread is truly a versatile item that brightens up your recipes.

Grape Juice, Yuzu Citrus.

Customer Reviews

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Delicious and speedy delivery

Hiroshi O.
Unique Yuzu Spread

Most amazing spread. It reminds me of the yuzu spread I used to have in South Korea made from yuzu and honey. This one is vegan and I dare say even better because the grapes impart a not sickening sweetness to it that makes it an excellent condiment. I love to use it on my homemade waffles along with kinako and some frozen banana slices for natural sweetness. It's such a shame that there's no real equivalent of yuzu that grows natively in North America. What a great jar to reuse as well.

G. Legalley
Lovely flavor, good quality

Lovely flavor, both the yuzu spread and yuzu candied peel. The peel has a hint of sweetness, perfect in hot tea. Definitely will purchase again.

Renee Heitman

I bought this to use in cocktails; most particularly sake because yuzu sake is delicious, but I'm not spending $30 for a small bottle of the stuff when I can buy this to throw into any sake. It's really delicious, strong and not too sweet. It is much thinner than most Western 'spreads' for sure, it's probably a little thinner than most applesauces versus being like a jam or jelly but that does make it perfect for cocktails since it 'breaks down' pretty easily into liquids.