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Dry Candied Amanatsu Peel, 1.05 oz

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This candy is made from the refreshing Amanatsu, a Japanese orange. Produced by Kankitsu Labo, which has been specializing in candied fruit products using fruit from local citrus farmers in Ehime prefecture, this candied Amanatsu orange peel is a real treat. It has been made using a traditional, time-consuming artisan method. The unique and flavorful candy exhibits a bright citrus flavor with a subtle bitterness and an unbeatable fine texture that keeps the sugars firmly attached to the orange peel and prevents your fingers from getting sticky. The candy does not contain any food coloring, artificial fragrance, or preservatives - only the delicious natural citrusy flavor!

・100% Natural Fruits Harvested in Ehime, Japan
・Natural Citrusy Flavor w. Gentle Sweetness & Sourness
・No Food Coloring/Artificial Fragrance/Preservatives
・Gluten/Lactose Free
・Vegan Friendly
・Vegetarian Food
・Not Sticky & The Sugar Not Fall Off
・Enjoy As It Is & Garnish for Drinks/Pastries etc.
・Topping for Yogurt/Ice Cream/Sorbet etc.
・Great w. Chocolate/Nuts/Granola/Cheese etc.

Enjoy this candied orange peel as a refreshing snack accompanied with tea. You can also use it to make your own amanatsu preserves. For a really decadent treat, try coating with dark chocolate to make the candied amanatsu orange peel a more unique confectionery. The candied orange peel can also be used as a topping for cakes, pies, cupcakes, or other pastries, and the preserves can be used as a flavorful filling. The unique ingredient also makes a splendid garnish for a drink, be they cocktails or mocktails.

Amanatsu Orange, Beet Sugar, Millet Jelly, Ascorbic Acid.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kristine Schug
Candied Amanatsu Peel is delicious

Great quality, flavor and usefulness


Paired well with cheese and yogurt. Great so far. Will make some drinks with this peel next.

Steven Shepherd
Quality Candy

The candied orange tastes amazing and it arrived right on time. Definitely will be getting more!