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Japanese Rose Syrup, 4 floz

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This Japanese Rose Syrup is specially made from a unique rose cultivar named Sahime, produced by an artisan rose producer. The special rose exhibits enticing floral notes and a fruity-sweet aroma. The syrup is made with beet sugar from Hokkaido and the Sahime rose essence that has been extracted by boiling down the rose petals. The result is a syrup that maintains its original aroma and gentle sweetness whether enjoyed as a cordial, mixed as an elegant cocktail, or as a luxurious topping for desserts. This bottle of syrup is equivalent to 10 petals of Sahime rose.

This rose syrup is versatile and easy to use in many dishes and drinks. To use as a cordial for refreshing drinks, simply add to taste; a typical amount is to add 1-2 tablespoons of syrup to a glass of sparkling or still water. The rose syrup can also be used to elevate sparkling wine, cocktails or mocktails, as well as to sweeten black tea. To make your own aromatic and flavorful dressing, mix the rose syrup with vinegar. Drizzle some over yogurt, ice cream, pancakes, or shaved ice. You can even mix it with pancake batter to add rose flavor, or use it as an ingredient for rose-flavored ice cream.

Beet Sugar, Rose, Rose Extract, Citric Acid.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Yuki Nozu
So unique

This item has so much potential. It’s so unique and smells and tastes so beautifully.

Nina Mina
Rose heaven

Not too sweet, very natural taste and smell. Makes great delicate sweets and drinks.

Sholpan Sultanbekova
Rose syrop

Good quality but i was looking for stronger and intense flowery flavor.

Tiahna Rodriguez-Stewart
Delicious mixed in drinks or on desserts

I bought this to use as a substitute for a higher priced rose water I had been using to make my signature rose matcha latte. I think the syrup and water are a tie in terms of flavor. Both have a delicate rose flavor that reminds me of Bulgarian roses. Both take about a tbsp. to get a strong rose flavor in my latte. One con is that I’m not a fan of the primary sweetener in this being beet sugar, but that is just personal preference. Overall, I recommend trying this, it truly is delicious, but because of the small bottle (4oz) you might want to use it for special occasions or every once in awhile.

Edible natural fragrance

Absolutely love it! I like Middle Eastern desserts that used rose water, a problem is too sweet for me. This syrup has both rose fragrance and natural sweetness just about right. It can go with ice cream, yogurt, scone, and tea. Doesn't bother food taste or flavor, yet still keep the elegant aroma. Better try it!