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What is Ponzu?


What is Ponzu?

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Japanese Kanten powder is similar to agar and gelatin and is made from seaweed. It's the ideal ingredient for vegans to make gelatin-type desserts and confectionaries.

If someone were to ask you which is the most popular sauce used in Japanese cuisine, you’d probably answer soy sauce without skipping a beat. But do you know what might be the second most popular sauce? It’s ponzu sauce, and if you haven’t tried this flavorful concoction, you are missing out!

Widely used in Japan, ponzu sauce isn’t as well known in the United States, although it is often served as a condiment to certain dishes in Japanese restaurants. For real and authentic flavor and quality, try our organic ponzu sauce from Bando Farm!

What is Ponzu Sauce?

Simply put, ponzu sauce is a Japanese citrus vinaigrette. A flavorful condiment and a zesty marinade, it is made from soy sauce, vinegar, citrus juice, sugar, and mirin. Our ponzu sauce combines three kinds of Japanese citrus: aromatic yuzu, tart sudachi, and sweet yukou.

The resulting flavor is full of depth that exhibits both tanginess and floral-sweetness. But to describe it that way isn’t doing any justice to this highly distinctive condiment. After all, how many other sauces can deliver a flavor that encompasses a perfect balance of sweet, salty, bitter, and sour all at once?

You wouldn’t expect such a complex flavor from this unassuming brown, watery sauce. It’s also quite refreshing and very versatile. Consider the following uses for ponzu sauce, and we’re sure you’ll be ready to purchase some ponzu sauce to start using right away!

Organic Ponzu Sauce (Japanese Citrus Vinaigrette), 5 floz


How to Use Ponzu

One of the most common ways to use ponzu sauce is as a dipping sauce for dumplings or steamed vegetables. It is perfect with hot pot dishes such as shabu-shabu or nabe. You can even use it as a wonderful accompaniment to sashimi, or add a uniquely distinctive flavor to raw oysters.

But a dipping sauce is just the beginning. Ponzu sauce can also be a flavorful marinade for fish, chicken, beef, and pork. Try it instead of teriyaki sauce, or combine it with other flavors such as ginger or togarashi seasoning.

You can use a bit of ponzu sauce to liven up rice dishes, or you can use it in place of your regular salad dressing to add more bite and umami to salads and vegetables. Of course, it can also enhance noodle dishes, and you can even drizzle some over a soup dish to add some extra tangy saltiness. You can also try it in recipes that call for plain soy sauce and see what a difference it makes!

Note: The citrus profile of ponzu can sometimes change a dish’s flavor dramatically. A little experimentation may be necessary to find the perfect balance in some dishes.

How to Pick a Good Bottle

You may find ponzu sauce in most supermarkets in the International aisle, but you’ll enjoy the distinctive flavor of ponzu so much more if you try this organic ponzu sauce produced by Bando Farm.

Bando Farm is noted for being the only certified organic farmer in Japan that conducts the entire process of growing and manufacturing citrus goods on-site. Their crops of yuzu are incredibly aromatic due to the unique environment. The dramatic temperature change during the day due to being in Tokushima’s highlands enables the fruits to acquire a stronger aroma. These handpicked and carefully processed citrus fruits are used to make high quality and intensely flavorful ponzu sauce.

Try Yuzu Salt

Also from Bando Farms is a finishing salt blended with yuzu, an excellent addition to your kitchen pantry. This distinctive salt is ideal for blending an enticing aroma and mild flavor with many different dishes. It can also be used to make exhilarating cocktails and refreshing desserts.

Yuzu Salt, 1.34 oz


A Bit More About Ponzu Sauce

While the ingredients in ponzu sauce are healthy, you should use the sauce in moderation. Some ponzu sauces contain high amounts of sodium. Once the ponzu sauce has been opened, it should be refrigerated. However, it has a very long shelf life. You don’t need to worry about using the remainder of the bottle right away. You can also try mixing it with mirin, dashi, or miso for tangier or richer, sweeter flavors, perfect for marinating fish.