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Yuzu Syrup, 16.66 floz

by Kishida
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To add a unique touch of zesty citrus flavor to sauces, desserts, vinaigrettes, dressings, and marinades, try this Yuzu syrup! This delicious and fragrant syrup is made with the fresh juice of the local yuzu fruit, a citrus fruit popular in Asian cuisine. Also known as the Japanese summer orange, the fruit juice adds the perfect amount of refreshing citrus aroma and a hint of sourness to other ingredients in a dish. A highly versatile staple, it will likely earn a permanent place in your pantry! Let your culinary creativity shine as you find plenty of use for this uniquely flavorful yuzu syrup.

Add this yuzu syrup to sauces and marinades, and to accent salads, soups, fish, and vegetables with its distinctive citrus flavor and aroma. You can also use it to make refreshing cocktails: Dilute with still or sparkling water (yuzu syrup 1: water 5) for a simple yuzu juice, or be creative and add another diluent to make sophisticated yuzu beverages, cocktails or mocktails. It is also a very popular ingredient in desserts, such as custards, pies, and sorbet. Use just a little bit of this syrup to add a beautifully fragrant bouquet to miso soup and as the citrus component of ponzu sauce. And, of course, it can be used as a luxurious topping for ice cream or shaved ice.

Yuzu Juice, Citrus Natsudaidai Juice, Granulated Sugar, Honey, Millet Jelly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A staple in my pantry

Delicious fuller bodied yuzu syrup. Many uses to it, although I mainly use it as a mix for drinks. A consistently tasty product.

Greg Munger
Great cocktail addition- Japanese riff on French 75

I wanted a Japanese flavored cocktail to go with a first course and a quick web search turned up a Japanese 75- variation on the French 75 cocktail that I really enjoy. With this syrup I just added 1 oz Yuzu, 1.5 oz gin, shake with ice and top with sparkling wine. The yuzu has a distinct flavor and a nice balance between tart and sweet - great. I am sure there are many other possible variations- bourbon would be a nice pairing.

Daniel Strebe

Back in the States now for decades, I miss the 柚子 (yuzu) flavor found in many Japanese treats. This wonderful concentrate lets me infuse homemade ice cream, drinks, and confections with yuzu’s beautiful, refreshing tang. A little dose can go a long way, depending on how you use it. Be careful, though; you might start drinking it straight! It’s that good.

Please let me know when it is back in stock!!

This stuff is amazing! We use it in out house for cocktails and mocktails or to liven up hot sake. It transforms every drink with just a little splash. The first time I bought it, I ordered one bottle, just to give it a try. The second time I bought it, I ordered 6 bottles and thought maybe I was being a bit silly ordering so many. But it is going fast! I'm down to three bottles. I wanted to top up my supply and send a care package to my parents so that they have some on hand when I go visit them and low and behold it is sold out :'( Please restock this product so I can get some more!!!!