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Nori Seaweed Paste (Tsukudani), 4.93 oz

by Oiso
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Tsukudani is a traditional Japanese condiment made with fish, meat, seaweed, or vegetables simmered in several kinds of Japanese seasonings—typically with soy sauce and mirin. It is umami-loaded with an intensely sweet and savory flavor, which makes it a versatile accompaniment and seasoning for various dishes. Oiso’s Nori Seaweed Paste is a type of tsukudani made with two varieties of nori seaweed harvested in Japan. It is handcrafted in the company’s seafood processing center located right next to Hamada Port, one of the best-regarded fishing ports in the Japan Sea. Dried nori seaweed is used for making this condiment that exhibits concentrated umami as well as nori’s unique fiber, texture, and ocean aroma. It is a wonderful topping on steamed rice, stuffing for onigiri rice balls, and addition to soup dishes. It is also a great flavoring agent for Western dishes such as pasta, pizza, and potato salad. No artificial flavoring or preservatives are used.


It has such a robust and mouthwatering flavor that you can simply enjoy it as a condiment with steamed rice, a topping for udon noodles and somen (vermicelli-like wheat noodles). Also, you can instantly make a healthy seaweed soup just by adding this paste and chopped scallions to hot water. If you like to make an original arrangement of pasta dishes, add Nori Seaweed Paste! This umami-rich paste is also great with cheese, so serving it on the side of a cheese plate at a party is sure to wow your guests. It has limitless cooking and serving options.


Soy Sauce (Water, Soybean, Wheat, Salt), Sugar, Mirin, Seaweed, Agar, Vinegar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Guy Yoshishige

Smooth transaction from ordering online to delivery to residential home.

Thomas George
Delicious Tsukudani

Really enjoy this Im not a bot I promise

Vivian Chow
I reordered many times

This is my most favorite seaweed paste. I reordered many bottles and shared some with my mom. Just adding a teaspoon to any soup broth for Ramen and upon will bring umami taste. Most importantly, it doesn't contain bonito and meet any vegan or vegetarian needs.

Tetsu Morita
True Nori Tsukudani

Excellent body texture and flavor.