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Herb Wasabi (Wasabi-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil), 6.34 oz

by Kaneku
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Blending hon-wasabi (Japanese wasabi) with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) made in Spain, this oil exhibits the rich aroma and taste from hon-wasabi, creating an exciting harmony with EVOO. The carefully selected EVOO moderates the pungency of wasabi, which in turn allows wasabi’s genuine umami to stand out. The producer of this premier seasoning oil is Kaneku, a long-standing wasabi specialty manufacturer in the Okutama region of Tokyo. The area known as Okutama Valley has a natural setting and pristine water that are ideal for cultivating the wasabi plant, and this has helped the company establish its wasabi business. Kaneku’s Wasabi-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil can easily add a unique accent to your dish whether you’re cooking Western, Japanese, or Asian cuisine.

This oil is so versatile that it instantly adds an appetizing sensation to whatever you are cooking! You can simply pour it over salad or carpaccio as is, mix it with vinegar or ponzu to make dressings, or use it as a sauce for pasta, steaks, and grilled dishes. It goes well with any ingredient, whether it’s vegetable, meat, or fish, and it’s particularly great with avocado, white fish, tuna, ham, and cheese. Menu idea recommendations include spaghetti carbonara, gratin, roast pork, shrimp salad, and bruschetta. Shake well before use.

Olive Oil, Wasabi(Japanese Horseradish), Spices.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Yuki Nozu

It goes so well with so many- fish, meat, salad etc etc. such great flavor yet not too strong. (Probably the herb part that makes it less wasabi)

wasabi flavored olive oil

simply wonderful, love the bite!

Steven Ma

Should have bigger bottle packaging instead of 6.34oz bottle. If you have to use in quantity, you have to keep ordering.