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man picking up a piece of dried edible flower

Producing High-Quality, Kawaii Edible Flowers in a Clean Environment

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Edible flower grower and manufacturer, Tom, makes its home in Okuizumo in Shimane Prefecture, which is blessed with pristine water, clean air, and fertile soil. The region is recognized as an “Eco Kingdom” where the local people maintains the balance between farming and a natural environment for safe agricultural production. They cultivate edible flowers without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and manufacture high-quality and safe dried edible flower items that are sought after by culinary professionals such as chefs, patissiers, bartenders, and cooking instructors. In addition to Japanese food connoisseurs, they export their dried edible flowers to premier hotels in Europe and Hong Kong.

Meticulously Handled by Experts with Amazing Skill

man picking up a piece of dried edible flower

To craft their high-quality, delicate, safe, and adorable edible flowers, Tom does not spare any effort. They plant each seed individually using tweezers, control the soil moisture during germination, re- plant the sprouted seedlings several times as they grow, and pick the flowers by hand. After harvesting, each flower is manually prepared—laid flat by hand, then pressed and dehydrated. This helps maintain the vibrant color and beautiful shape of the original flowers and allows a much longer shelf life than fresh edible flowers. Also, each pressed flower is carefully examined for quality before packing.


map okuizumo cho shimane japan

Okuizumo is located in the interior part of Shimane Prefecture and is on the borders of Tottori and Hiroshima Prefectures. Surrounded by mountains, the region has an abundance of clean water and clear air, which is ideal for growing safe-to-eat flowers without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
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