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Shimane Organic Farm

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Producing Safe and Tasty Agricultural Food in the Land of Shimane

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Shimane Organic Farm grows, processes and manufactures organic food products in the unspoiled countryside in Shimane Prefecture. They specialize in organic methods and strive to make high-quality, healthy, and delicious products such as tea and powdered vegetables. They also place a great importance on food safety and traceability and work with contract farmers to grow organic agricultural products in their own fields and facilities. Since they are truly committed to quality, they do not simply pursue the manufacture of a large volume of products, but rather, they are careful not to raise the number of items produced, unnecessarily. In addition to producing healthy food, they are also passionate about developing nutritious and functional ingredients, which they are do in collaboration with the Shimane prefectural government and Shimane University.

From Planning to Marketing—Complete Control Over Taste, Quality and Food Safety

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The strength of Shimane Organic Farm comes from their bond with local companies and farmers. They established a group called the Shimane Organic Farm Group along with Yuuki no Misato LLC and Sakurae-cho Mulberry Tea Production Union LLC to leverage and buttress their organic food production business. Thanks to this horizontally-integrated group, they can control all of the processes of planning, harvesting, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing. Their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) business is highly regarded by clients. In addition to organic food productions, they are committed to developing items in collaboration with educational institutions for future generations.


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Shimane Organic Farm is rooted in the countryside of Shimane Prefecture in Western Japan. Surrounded by mountains and located near the major Gonokawa River that brings fertility to the land, the company can easily source organically grown agricultural ingredients from their farms nearby.
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