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Free Shipping On Orders $75+ | $5 Flat Rate Shipping On Orders $50+

Marufuku Farm

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Committed to Producing Only Saijo-gaki Persimmon and its Products

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Farm grows Saijo-gaki, a high quality variety of persimmon known for its high sugar content, on their 1 hectare (approx. 2.5 acre) farm. Their persimmon is especially prized under the “Hyakuichi” brand name. They also manufacture products like dried persimmon andpersimmon vinegar from their harvest. Their premium persimmon items are well sought after in the market, and clients include the esteemed luxury fruit specialty store, Senbikiya Sohonten, in Tokyo. Marufuku Farm also established the Hyakuichi Lab (Saijo persimmon processing research institute), in collaboration with The University of Shimane, where they further explore the possibilities of Saijo-gaki.

One Hundred Different Items from a Single Persimmon Tree

Persimmon tree illustration

Saijo-gaki persimmon is a variety that has high sugar content innately; however, Marufuku Farm makes extra effort to maintain and even boost its sweetness. In order to make ideal soil for their persimmon trees, they use natural fertilizers and remove weeds manually without using herbicides, which helps maximize the power of microorganisms. Since each tree has its own unique character, they treat each one differently according to its individual condition. They also devote themselves to inventing new persimmon products, aiming to produce one hundred different kinds of items from a single persimmon tree. Their unique product line includes sakekasu (sake lee)-marinated dried persimmon, sweets made with dried persimmon, persimmon sugar, vinegar, cider, persimmon leaf tea, and artificially-ripened frozen persimmon.


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Higashi Izumo-cho is located in the east side of Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, and it’s adjacent to Tottori Prefecture. It has an inland sea to the north, flat lands, hills, and mountains, providing a perfect environment for agriculture as well as beautiful scenery.
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