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Kageyama Seiyusho

roasted rapeseeds

Cooking Oil Maker Using Domestic, non-GMO Rapeseed

weighing rapeseeds

Kageyama Seiyusho is the only Japanese cooking oil maker approved to put “domestic rapeseed oil” on their products. The company obtained the right to use the non-GMO Nanashikibu variety rapeseed developed by a national research and development organization. Using the rare seeds grown in their contract farms in Shimane Prefecture, they carefully perform the entire process of roasting seeds in kettles, pressing them, and filtering the resulting oil. Rapeseed harvested by their contract farms is stored in separate tanks allocated to each farm, and the pressing process is also conducted separately according to the origin of harvest. Therefore, each product has its rapeseed grower’s name on the label.

Making Nutritious Cooking Oil with Traditional Methods

women making rapeseed oil

Kageyama Seiyusho performs the entire process of making cooking oil using traditional methods. They roast the seeds in firewood burning kettles by manually adjusting the heat according to the temperature and humidity of the day. The roasted seeds are pressed with a traditional screw press method, which is attracting attention as a safe way to press oil today. This allows the sesame seeds to maintain their nutrition, such as Vitamin E (tocopherol), making the oil oxidization-resistent and ideal for cooking. No artificial additives are used, and no decolorization or deodorization is performed to make their rapeseed oil.


map izumo city shimane japan

Kageyama Seiyusho is located in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, the home of the world-famous Izumo Taisha (ancient Shinto deity shrine). For decades, they have had the honor to supply their rapeseed oil as a fuel for lighting to this important shrine.
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