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Izumo Hachi Sansho

man picking sansho pepper fruits

The Sansho Pepper Specialist

man smiling as picking sansho pepper seeds

Performing the entire process of growing and harvesting sansho pepper, manufacturing it into products, and selling them, Izumo Hachi Sansho is a true specialist of the pepper. The Oku-Izumo region, where the company is located, is known to have an optimal environment for producing sansho due to its unique climate and the great drainage of its decomposed granite soils. The company takes advantage of these natural blessings to produce premier sansho and sansho-based merchandise. Also, with the company goals of “Sincerity”, “Plenty”, and “Tastiness”, as well as the vision of “Creating Food Culture with Sansho”, they strive to enrich people’s lives.

Using and Promoting the Whole Sansho Plant

sansho pepper seeds and powder

Izumo Hachi Sansho further explores the power of sansho and promotes food culture with the pepper. They know how to draw the best out of the pepper. Not only do they use sansho peppercorns but also ki-no-me (young sansho leaves) and sansho flowers for their products. They pick each part of the plant at its best and process it fresh, bringing out the pepper’s pleasant aroma, tantalizing sensation, and beautiful colors. The sansho variety they grow is Asakura Sansho that boasts a vibrant green color, a fruity aroma reminiscent of citrus, mild spiciness, and an elegant aftertaste. Today, Izumo Hachi Sansho’s artisanal products are enjoyed worldwide.


map unnan city shimane japan

The Izumo region in Shimane Prefecture is deeply entwined with the myths of the birth of Japan and its deities and is known as “Shinwa no Kuni”(Country of Myths). With the well-drained soils optimal for growing sansho, the Oku-Izumo region (interior part of Izumo) claims a 1,300 year history of harvesting the pepper.
product package with sansho pepper seeds