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Organic Shiso Furikake, 1.58 oz

by Fukami
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Literally meaning “sprinkles”, furikake is Japanese savory flakes commonly used as a topping over rice. There are a number of different types, but shiso furikake is one of the most popular kinds thanks to shiso leaf’s refreshing aroma, beautiful color, and high nutritional value. Fukami’s Organic Shiso Furikake is made using red shiso organically grown in Wakayama Prefecture and umesu, a byproduct of making umeboshi, salt-cured “ume” plum. As a grower of organic ume plum and manufacturer of its products, Fukami uses their special skills to create this premier furikake. They carefully moisten and massage the Japanese herb with umesu—the liquid naturally produced when salt-curing plums—dry it using hot air, and then make it into flakes. This process helps the final product retain its fresh shiso flavor and aroma. You can use Organic Shiso Furikake not only as a sprinkling over rice but also for many other dishes such as noodles, grilled meat, pasta, salad, and more. No additives and MSG are used.

With the soothing aroma from shiso and the mildly salty and fruity flavor from umesu, Organic Shiso Furikake can instantly brighten up your dish. Just sprinkle it over rice, rice balls, tofu, salad, mozzarella, baked potato, or tempura, to add a sensational kick. It can also be used as a seasoning for steamed dishes, stir-fries, deep-fries and plates like meatballs and schnitzel. You can make a wonderful shiso pasta sauce by mixing it with olive oil, a shiso dip with mayonnaise, or a shiso pickling sauce with vinegar. This furikake’s cooking options are limitless—you can even sprinkle it over ice cream or sorbet!

Red Perilla, Salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Waruny Knapp
Favorite Furikake

It makes plain rice so tasty for a quick snack.

akari ito

it is really good to add to the top of everything

Andrea Mastromatteo
Only wish there were more in the bottle

We bought this after realizing that our sushi rice was missing something major. It's heavenly. Thank you!

John Rea
Fantastic seasoning.

I mostly use it for shrimp but it's nice to just taste it directly out of the bottle. Salty with a flavor I can't describe.

Takeko Toyana

It's a nice Furikake. It's salty and crispy and you can eat more rice with it again and again.