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Premium Koikuchi Pure Soy Sauce "Hishio-no-Sato", 6.66 floz

by Marukin
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Made from fermented soybeans, salt, and water, soy sauce is an essential condiment in Asian cuisine. This dark soy sauce is carefully fermented with ancient methods and made only with carefully selected soy beans, wheat, and salt cultivated in Japan. This pure (unpasteurized) soy sauce is painstakingly brewed in century-old aged wooden barrels made of Japanese cedar trees with Marukin's artisan techniques. As a result, this unpasteurized dark koikuchi soy sauce exhibits a wonderfully fragrant aroma and rich flavor with a deep yet gentle umami. It's a must for almost any type of Asian cuisine.

Like regular koikuchi soy sauce, the most common type of soy sauce, you can use this soy sauce as a flavoring agent for food and to create most of the sauces used in Japanese cooking. When a recipe calls for soy sauce without any other specifics, it usually means to use koikuchi. Especially, this Koikuchi is ideal for making dipping sauces, marinades, stir-fries, and basting. Because the flavor of soy sauce is rather strong and salty, you only need to use a little to add great umami flavor to rice, vegetables, and many other ingredients and dishes.

Water, Soybean, Wheat, Salt, Alcohol(Retain Freshness).

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matt C
Deep umami

Very distinctive. So much better than the Kikkoman I had used for many years.

David R
Worth a taste.

This is the most delicious soy sauce I've tasted. So distinctive. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a better soy sauce for sushi, sashimi, steak or grilled veggie. Use just for dipping or finishing since it's a bit more pricey than other cheap brands.