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Truffle-Infused Soy Sauce, 3.33 floz

by Morita
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If you've enjoyed Asian cuisine even just once, chances are you've had soy sauce. The brown, salty liquid is an essential condiment in Japanese cuisine, made from fermented soybeans, salt, and water. With the combination of soy sauce and truffles, you can bring deep and earthy flavors from Europe into your Japanese pantry lineup with this amazing fusion of flavor. The truffle-infused soy sauce is brewed using a 350-year-old refined technique, resulting in a magical harmony between one of the most traditional Japanese condiment and black winter truffles famous for their deep, earthy character.

Exhibiting umami-packed flavor and deep, luxurious fragrance, this exceptionally versatile blend can be used for a wide variety of dishes including creamy pasta, risotto, egg dishes, salads, french fries, grilled meats, pizza, or mashed potatoes.

Our recommendation is to drizzle a small amount over roasted beef, steak, grilled vegetables, cream sauce-based dishes such as pasta and risotto, any types of egg dishes, or red wine-based sauce. It also goes well with dashi broth. Some innovative chefs in Japan use this as a secret sauce for a variety of creative dishes including wafu (Japanese style) pasta, fish dishes, donburi (rice bowl) dishes, and udon noodles.

Soy Sauce (Water, Soybean, Wheat, Salt), Millet Jelly, Seasoning (Wheat, Soy), Salt, Rice Vinegar, Black Truffle, Yeast Extract, Alcohol (Retain Freshness), Flavor, Xanthan Gum.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dean Blackburn

Unlike most truffle oils, this has SOLID truffle aroma and flavor. Nothing weak about this stuff, it's suuuuper strong, just need a little to go a long way. It is very light to call it soy sauce... The other products in the category seem to look like soy sauce... This just seems like a dark oil. If a really squint my brain, I might get a hint of shoyu, but it is not really "missing" anything. Worth the price, but should also be available in larger bottles. :)

phil devries
I was suprised too

My experience was unlike the other reviewers. Based on the reviews, I expected a great truffle-flavor to enhance simple dishes. To experiment with the sauce I prepared, on separate occasions, eggs on rice with shaved bonito, drenched radish, and sake steamed seafood in a miso broth. I was surprised inasmuch as the sauce had an unpleasant oily texture, and only a faint smell and quite remote flavor of truffle. Perhaps the individual bottle I received was not up to standards, or perhaps I expected too much. I am sorry to say that overall, the truffle-infused soy sauce was quite a disappointment to both myself and my wife. Debating whether to experiment with other dishes, or cut my losses. Wish I could say it was tremendous, but I'm not a politician.


Tremendous truffle flavor packed in the soy sauce. Highly recommended.

Casey E

Just a drop of the sauce added bold truffle flavor with tremendous umami to my grilled chicken and veggie. Great product. I will definitely try this with roasted beef next time.