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Japanese Dried Shiitake Mushroom Powder, 1.4 oz

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This unique, versatile, easy-to-use, and umami-rich powder is made with only forest-grown shiitake mushrooms. Containing an abundance of guanylic acid—one of the umami’s components—dried shiitake mushrooms are a true umami booster, however, Sugimoto’s dried shiitake mushrooms are even richer in umami and sweeter than most mass-produced dried shiitake. Sugimoto uses a 1000-year old Japanese approach to growing sustainable Sawtooth Oak tree logs in the deep forest of Takachiho-go in Kyushu that host the mushrooms and allow them to grow slowly in a clean, natural environment. Immediately after harvesting, the mushrooms are dried with hot air, and afterwards are further dried under infrared driers to ensure a lower moisture content and retain their flavor and aroma. Then the dried mushrooms are ground into coarse powder. By adding a small amount of this powder to your cooking, you can instantly and naturally enhance the umami flavor of the dish. When your dish becomes more savory, there isn’t as much need for salt. This means you can reduce sodium intake as well! This product is Kosher certified.

Since it’s a powder, you can sprinkle it directly into noodle soups, stir-fries, simmered dishes, and sauces to add extra umami to your dishes. Use 1 tablespoon for dishes that serve four. You can also add the powder to your light dashi to boost its robustness. If you have a little more time, dissolve the powder for 10 minutes in twice the amount of water before use. Its umami is enhanced three times more when dissolved in water, allowing you to save the amount you use. Marinating meat with this shiitake power solution for 30 minutes greatly enhances the flavor. You’ll be amazed when the steak is upgraded to the next level!

Shiitake Mushroom.

Customer Reviews

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phil devries
Versatile Umami addition

While the dried shiitake powder adds great depth to miso soup and ramen noodles, I recently added some to a 5 mushroom paella before it was fully cooked. My guests and myself included were pleasantly surprised by the wave of umami. Recommended.

Very nice!

This is great with dashi and miso to make a good broth. Very satisfying, and it's no sodium, too!!!

Thomas George
Nice but very expensive for the amount

There are much cheaper alternatives

Marie Lambert

Very good

Michelle Mattera

This shiitake mushroom powder is better than expected! It gives everything it has touched, from basic rice porridge to curry, that magic umami lift. Definitely recommend.