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Shiroan (White Bean Paste), 12.3 oz

by Maeda
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Made from white beans and sugar, shiroan (sweet white bean paste) is dairy-free and fiber-rich, and has an elegant sweetness. Because of these qualities, it has been used for making wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery) for centuries. Maeda’s Shiroan exhibits a refined and smooth texture with a gentle sweetness coming from carefully selected sugar and mizuame (a sweetener made from starch). It’s not only ideal for making wagashi such as oshiruko (sweet bean soup), daifuku (mochi stuffed with sweet bean paste), and ichigo daifuku (mochi stuffed with a strawberry and sweet bean paste), but is also great for mixing into Western-style sweets such as pound cake, muffins, and cookies. You can make an exceptional paste for toast or scones just by mixing Shiroan with butter. No additives or bleaches are used in this product.

Traditionally, shiroan is used for making wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery) thanks to its elegant sweetness, smooth texture, and white color that can be easily transformed into various colors just by mixing it with other ingredients. Making wagashi may seem to be intimidating for some, but you can make oshiruko (sweet bean soup) just by diluting Maeda’s Shiroan with hot water. Or if you stuff Shiroan into mochi or dumplings, you’ll instantly have wonderful desserts.

To make the popular Japanese snack, ichigo daifuku (mochi stuffed with a strawberry and shiroan), first make mochi dough by mixing mochi powder and water, shape it into a flat and round sheet of 3-4 inch diameter. Coat a single strawberry (the calyx should be removed) with Maeda’s Shiroan, place it in the middle of the round mochi sheet, and then wrap it up. Shiroan is also great for Western-style sweets such as pound cake, muffins, and cookies just by mixing Shiroan into batter or dough. You can also enjoy a unique paste if you mix Shiroan with cream or butter. Another interesting twist is to decorate the popular Mont Blanc dessert with Shiroan, substituting for the traditional chestnut cream.

White Kidney Bean, Sugar, Millet Jelly, Salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
cherry lee
Thumbs up!



Taste is wonderful and not too sweet. Made delicious daifuku with it.

Kimberly Poole
Massive time saver!

Making shiroan by hand takes so long and I was so happy to find premade at Umami Insider. The taste and texture are extremely close to making by hand. I will always order from Umami Insider from now on.

Japanese living in US
What I search

I looked for white bean paste for NERIKIRI kneaded dough, but the Japanese food supermarket only had azuki bean paste. I mixed it with shiratama flour and was able to make kneaded dough. It tasted great.


JD Kosh
Smooth & Sweet

Hard to find. Very smooth and sweet! Made mochi and stuffed the shiroan inside. It was sooo good!