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Kanten Powder (Vegan Gelatin), 0.56 oz

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Somewhat similar to agar, which is a thickening agent commonly used for many types of foods, sauces, and desserts, Kanten is made of edible seaweed. When used, it produces gelatin that is semi-translucent and firmer than agar. It is primarily used to make wagashi (Japanese confectionery) such as kanten, yokan, and anmitsu as well as savory jellied dishes. This kanten powder is high in fiber and contains zero calories, and is also vegetable-based, making it a healthier and vegetarian/vegan substitute to animal-based gelatin. This easy-to-use kanten powder breaks break down relatively quickly at room temperature. This box contains 4 sachets.

1. In a saucepan, add a sachet of this kanten powder and 500ml of water.
2. Simmer for two minutes or until the kanten dissolves.
3. If the water starts to bubble, lower the heat.
4. If desired, add your preferred flavor such as sugar, fruit juices, matcha, or milk.
5. Pour the mixture into a mold or container. You can also add an embellishment, such as edible flowers.
6. Leave to cool before placing in the fridge for 2-3 hours to cool and harden.

You can also use it for chilled dishes such as umeboshi (plum) jelly and mizu yokan, a red bean jelly dessert.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
easy and quick

great for almond tofu, anmitsu, and yokan

also a good vegan alternative to gelatin

Healthy , easy to make elegant treats.

Easy healthy base for desert, kids snacks . Seaweed critical food

Yvonne Loop
Vegan gummies

This was my first attempt at making gummies with Kanten! I did not check the site for directions in English. Lol. So it was trial and error! I won! Will use again and I will refer to others