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Junmai (Pure Rice) Gluten-Free Shoyu, 6.66 floz

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Made from only rice, rice koji, salt, and water, Junmai (Pure Rice) Soy Sauce - Gluten Free is an ideal soy sauce alternative for those who are allergic to gluten or soy. Taisho-ya Shoyu, an esteemed soy sauce and miso specialty maker in Shimane Prefecture, over the span of 10 years and with great effort, developed this truly innovative sauce. In order to replicate soy sauce’s rich umami, slight sweetness, and intense aroma, they blend sake-kasu (sake lees) and shiro-nuka (premium rice bran) sourced from a local sake brewery, and add rice koji to promote fermentation. After aging in cedar barrels, the sauce develops a clean flavor and aroma along with a pleasing dark color. Junmai (Pure Rice) Soy Sauce - Gluten Free can be used as a finishing sauce and seasoning just like soy sauce. No additives are used to make this sauce.

Junmai (Pure Rice) Soy Sauce - Gluten Free can be used just like soy sauce—drizzle it over dishes as a finishing sauce or serve it with sushi or sashimi for dipping. It can be a great seasoning for simmered dishes or stir-frying. You can mix it into marinades, dressings, or dips. It’s just as versatile as soy sauce. The color is as dark as tamari soy sauce, but the flavor is a little less intense than soy sauce, so adjusting the amount to be used to taste is recommended.

Water, Sake Lees, Rice Flour, Salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great gluten-free alternative for Shoyu

My daughter who has celiac disease much prefers the taste of this over Tamari; in fact, she may like it better than standard shoyu. We first purchased this in a small store in Tokyo and are amazed to be able to get it here in the US. Thank you!

Tomoko L S
Nice flavor and light

Light liquid, but flavor is very satisfying. Easy to use as a main seasoning for Asian dishes and an accent for western dishes. The bottle and portion is too small to me (Japanese), so, I purchased 3 bottles, but it was a right decision!

Hiroshi O.
Unique Gluten-Free Product

I don't try many soy sauces because they had alcohol added in later or were not gluten-free. I've never heard of a soy sauce made in this way before and was eager to try it. It was a very light flavour and not overpowering. I liked how it wasn't overly salty either. The container was a bit strange though and I would have preferred one in glass. I'd recommend it to anyone needing a gluten-free soy sauce that isn't overly salty.

Kaoime M.

I'm allergic to soy and have celiac disease, so both shoyu and tamari are not viable options for me. I've been using coconut aminos as a shoyu substitute for years, which is good, but not quite the same flavor. Junmai Shoyu is the real deal. It has all the flavor of traditional soy-based shoyu, but not of the allergens I have to avoid. The flavor is rich, deep and layered. It's an amazing shoyu. I'm so glad I bought two bottles. Thank you, Umami Insider!