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Dried Handmade Yuba (Tofu Skin), 0.70 oz

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Yuba, or tofu skin, is made with only soybeans and water, and is a great source of protein. Minami Foods’ Dried Handmade Yuba is crafted from soybeans grown in the fertile soil in Iwate Prefecture and the soft water that gushes out of rocks in the local area—the prefecture, located in northern Japan, has cold weather and is also known for its beautiful rocky coastline. The company uses a traditional method of yuba-making—simmering soy milk, scooping up the film flowing up to the surface, and slowly drying it in cold air. This allows the yuba to exhibit genuine soy flavor with a touch of sweetness and soft, yet chewy texture. When you use dried yuba, first soak in water to soften, then add it to the dishes of your choice. High in protein and low in calories, it’s great for a healthy diet. No additives or food colorings are used to make this product.

Soak Dried Handmade Yuba in hot water (over 80°C/ 175°F) for 2-3 minutes or cold water for 5 minutes to soften, and then drain well. If you use it in simmered dishes like stew or soup, you can add it directly into a pot while cooking. Make sure to keep the heat low instead of high, as this helps the yuba absorb the flavors from the soup and retain its fluffy texture. It’s perfect for nabe hot pot, soup, and salads, as well as simmered, stir fried, and deep fried dishes. It’s not only suited for Japanese cuisine but can also be enjoyed in Chinese cooking and creamy dishes like gratin.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
amazing dried yuba

I love this product. I especially use it to play the role of 'egg' in hot n sour soup. I also really love fresh yuba and use it wherever and whenever i can get it. This yuba is also good for cold preparations in my experience.

Marie Lambert
Tofu skin

It’s very good. But when I got it, it’s a little bit broken

Takeko Toyana

It's a nice snack, very crispy, and it's special texture makes you feel good.